BMW G20 3 Series

The BMW 3 series has a very strong history with an excellent record of having one of the most fun and luxurious executive sedans on the market ever since the 70’s. As always, we will compare and see if the latest addition to the 3 Series family. Will live up to its name? In one word yes, it does.

One of the questions we often ask, what is different? The new G20 is longer than the F30 range, Technology upgrades, Ambient lighting, auto hand brake, Auto hold, Gesture control, active cruise control and the new electrical kidney grills.

If we look at the F30 it was starting to show its age and being one of the business class sedans, BMW really needed to update the cabin. The F30 faced competition when it came to the technology which is found in the Audi A4 and the new revised Mercedes C-Class, their layouts include virtual cockpit digital display. BMW has changed the tired and outdated cabin in the new G20 3 Series to a digital dash board which is not only current however makes those of the rivals look dated. In the new BMW 3 series G20 BMW pays tribute to the history of the 3 Series they have used the Hofmeister kink in the design of the digital display, the digital gauges work counter clockwise.

On the new 3 Series G20 you will notice BMW is using the Hofmeister kink, on the rear door edging, the virtual digital display, the interior handles, the headlights even the infotainment screen design.

BMW has always prided themselves to have one of the most user-friendly infotainment systems, when getting into the new G20 3Series you’re likely to notice the all new 7.0” user interface. This new system boasts an intuitive interface which is very responsive to both touch and gesture control, which means you can adjust the volume or change the track with your left hand. The new BMW 3 Series G20 is really tech savvy this car is so smart it could potentially save your life too. The fact that it can reverse out of a tight spot if you drove in and you’re afraid of knocking the car when you want to reverse out. The car will remember how you drove in and manoeuvre itself out as you went in. If your car is fitted with active cruise control you will have a little camera above your virtual digital display this camera will observe your actions while using the active cruise control, as this will only steer the car at low speeds if you paying attention. This is also a safety in the event the car sensors you’re having a heart attack it will pull the car over safely, turn on the hazards and call the SOS number. In a nutshell this is FANCY TECH!

The entry level of the new 3 Series has smart styling, however if you do find it a bit bland you can always have a look at the M Sport which comes with a nicer body kit and bigger wheels.

Around September 2019 we will get the 320i, M340i xDrive and for the diesel engines is the 330d. There has not been any conformation from BMW as to when the M3 will be introduced, however we are being hopeful it would be later this year or early 2020. BMW is also introducing a Hybrid model to the new G20 3 Series, this is however still unconfirmed at this stage.

We were afforded the opportunity to test both the 320d and the 330i. The 320d is powered by a four-cylinder 2.0 litre engine which push our 140 kw and 400 NM of torque and does 0-100 kph in 6.8 seconds. With the technology we are blessed with today we can no longer believe what we see as the designation which we previously see on the back is the engine capacity is no longer like if you see 330i it meant it was a straight 6 engine powering the car, in the new G20 330i this is not the case the new 330i is powered by a 2 litre four cylinder charged engine which produces 190 kW and 400 NM torque this makes the new 330i do 0-100 kph in 5.8 seconds.

The Recommendation from the new BMW 3 Series G20 is if you find yourself bored in the New G20 3 Series you should try the Sport Mode… Well Said SO MUCH FUN!

Opinion piece by Rodger Abrahams | Founder of All Wheels